Cable Turtles are the best way to organise your tangling cables - from headphones, phone chargers and stereos to kitchen appliances, desk and floor lamps and everything else which tangles!

  • Small Headphones, Phones & Portable Chargers

    Cable Turtle: Small, for Headphones & USB Cables

    45mm diameter - tidies up to 0.7m of power cable. Cable Turtles make great iPod accessories

    Grey Red Blue Black
  • Medium Stereos & Power Bricks

    Cable Turtle: Medium, for TVs, Stereos  & Lamps

    65mm diameter - tidy up to 1m of power cord

    Grey Red Black
  • Large TVs, Guitar Leads & Lamps

    Cable Turtle: Large, for Guitar Leads & Extension cords

    90mm diameter - tidy up to 5m of power cable

    Grey Black

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Shipping on all UK orders is £3.00 by Royal Mail Second Class post. If you live outside the UK please contact us for a delivery quote.

When in stock, turtles are sent the next dispatch day. Dispatch Fairy normally operates on Tuesdays & Fridays. Please let us know if you need them in a hurry!

Delivery on items not in stock is 2-3 weeks approx. You will be notified immediately of any delay, and kept fully informed by email.

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We can supply all sizes in different colours in bulk for retail, export or corporate gifts. Please contact us for our latest prices.

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